Often referred to as river mud rock or mudstone because it is a sedimentary rock which comes in various shades of earthy brown. It is a fine-grained silty rock which is derived from ancient deposits which can be split easily into thin plates along well defined planes making this rock extremely versatile in its landscape use.


Ideal for all water features such as waterfalls, ponds, swimming pools, paving and all domestic and commercial landscaping such as retaining walls and steps. Mud rock is also available in “feature” sizes for fountains, memorial plaques, bench tops or seats.

Available in many different shapes, sizes and textures.

Mudrock Creekbed

Mudrock Edging

Mudrock Landscape

Mudrock Waterfeature

Mudrock Auditorium

Mudrock Playground

Mudrock Pile

Mudrock Flats

Mudrock Seating

Mudrock Walling

Mudstone Wall

Mudstone Wall 

Mudstone Wall

Mudrock Steps

Natural Mudstone Steps

Natural Mudstone Steps

Natural Mudstone Steps