Volcanic Basalt Rock

Also referred to as honeycomb rock, basalt rock & colac rock is a fine grained dark coloured dense rock with granular appearance. The honeycomb effect is a result of gas bubbles which exploded to form the holes on the outer surface of the rock which often fill with mineral matter and over time grows moss to give an even more timeless appearance.


Ideal as a good all rounder for retaining walls, steps and water features in all domestic and commercial garden applications.


Available in many different shapes, sizes and textures.


Colac Volcanic Walling Stone

Honeycomb Basalt Rock


Sawn Honeycomb Steps

Sawn Basalt Steps 170mm

Sawn Basalt Steps 170mm

Sawn Honeycomb Rock

Sawn Honeycomb 40mm

Colac Basalt Rock


Basalt Pavers